• way lalaan

    Way Lalaan Waterfall

    There are so many interesting places in Indonesia that have their own uniqueness relates to their histories and locations. Indonesia have many stories about that it depends on the where it locates and known. Another tourist destination that has little story in Lampung is Way Lalaan Waterfall. Base on story from native people, this waterfall […]

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  • curup gangsa waterfall

    Curup Gangsa Waterfall

    Another waterfall in Indonesia that still keeps its beauty is Curup Gangsa. This is one of best tourism place from Lampung province, Way Kanan. The place is located in boarder area between East Oku, South Sumatra Province and Way Kanan, North Lampung. Probably, many people don’t know that there are many tourism places that have […]

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  • sri gethuk waterfall

    Sri Gethuk Waterfall

    Sri Gethuk Waterfall  is one of the natural tourist attraction located in the hamlet Menggoran, Bleberan Village, District Playen, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This waterfall is located on the banks of the River Oya. This waterfall is under development to become the mainstay of tourist destinations Gunungkidul apart from the coast and karst mountains. Sri […]

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