• green valley tabek indah

    Green Valley Tabek Indah

    Another of the attractions place which is the choice of an alternative of Lampung’s people is Green Valley or Kampoeng Wisata Tabek Indah which places next to mountains in Natar, Lampung. That is not is not far from the city just around the hills which still keeping its authenticity, it gives the distinct impression when […]

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  • kasongan village

    Kasongan Village

    Kasongan is the name of a popular tourist destination in the region of Bantul, Yogyakarta is famous for its earthenware handicrafts. This place is located precisely in the area of ​​Kajen hamlets, villages Bangunjiwo, poor districts, Bantul, Yogyakarta, about 6 km from the North Square of Yogyakarta to the South. Kasongan originally a pesawahan land […]

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  • tembi village

    Tembi Village

    Tembi Tourism Village, or who is also familiar with the term “Tembi Goddess”, is a rural-based tourist sites located on Jl. Parangtritis kilometer 8.5, Sewon, Bantul – Yogyakarta. With just takes about 15 minutes from Malioboro and the city center, the location of Tembi village not too difficult to achieve. As well as the access […]

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