• agung temple

    Agung Temple

    Agung Temple is a small Hindu temple site located in Malang River region, Central Amuntai districts, Hulu Sungai Utara, South Kalimantan. The temple is estimated relics of the kingdom Country Dipa whose existence contemporaneous with the kingdom of Majapahit Agung Temple is a relic of Empire State Amuntai Dipa Khuripan built by Professor Jatmika XIV […]

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  • muara takus temple

    Muara Takus Temple

    Muara Takus temple is located in the village Muara Takus, District Thirteen Koto Kampar, Kampar, Riau Province. The distance from Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau province, about 128 Km. To Muara Takus can only be done by road namely from Pekanbaru to Bukittinggi in Muara Mahat. From Muara Mahat via a small road leading to […]

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  • bahal temple

    Bahal Temple

    The temple is located in the village Bahal Bahal, District Alternating Padang, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, which is about three hours drive from Padangsidempuan. This temple is a temple complex (in local terms is called Biaro) is the largest in the province of North Sumatra, because of its area surrounding the temple complex of Bahal […]

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  • asu sengi

    Asu Sengi Temple

    The temple is located in the hamlet Sengi Asu Temple Post, Village Sengi, Shaman District, Magelang. At Coordinates: 7 ° 32’00 “latitude 110 ° 21’00” east longitude, or about 25 Km from Borobudur Temple to the northeast. This temple is a temple relic of ancient Mataram kingdom of breeds Wangsa Sanjaya (Mataram Hindu). The temple […]

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  • bubrah temple

    Bubrah Temple

    Bubrah temple is located in the tourist area of Prambanan, namely in Hamlet Bener, Bugisan Village, District Prambanan, Klaten regency, Central Java Province. Not much information is obtained about the temple which currently resides in the form of ‘shelf’ (foot temple) that have been damaged and former rock pile wall. The name ‘Bubrah’ in Javanese […]

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  • gedongsongo temple

    Gedongsongo Temple

    Gedong Sanga complex is located at the peak of Mt. Ungaran, precisely in the Village Temple, District Somawono, Semarang, Central Java. Experts have not been able to ascertain the time and development purposes Gedong Sanga, because until now there is no inscription that mentions about the existence of the ancient building. Location in the hills […]

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  • klero temple

    Klero Temple

    Klero temple is also called Tengaran temple was in dusun.Ngentak, Desa.Klero, Kec.Tengaran, Kab.Semarang. The layout of the building approximately 500 meters from the highway Semarang Solo direction. Because of the narrow road to the temple and through the garden of citizens, imposing far from the highway. This building is peinggalan Hindus, this can be evidenced […]

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