• gabusan art market

    Gabusan Art Market

    Bantul has become the center of various crafts in Yogyakarta. In addition to the house down the production of art, you can come to market Gabusan the sales centers artwork residents of Bantul. Since the beginning of construction, Gabusan Market is intended as a craftsman in Bantul access to international markets. Unmitigated, this market can […]

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  • jogja city mall

    Jogja City Mall

    Jogja City Mall or commonly abbreviated JCM is a shopping center that is located in a region with The Rich Hotel Sahid Yogyakarta. Shopping Mall is located at Jalan Magelang Km. 6 # 18, Sinduadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. JCM is unique compared to other malls. Because JCM designed with Roman architecture with the building façade with […]

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  • kasongan village

    Kasongan Village

    Kasongan is the name of a popular tourist destination in the region of Bantul, Yogyakarta is famous for its earthenware handicrafts. This place is located precisely in the area of ​​Kajen hamlets, villages Bangunjiwo, poor districts, Bantul, Yogyakarta, about 6 km from the North Square of Yogyakarta to the South. Kasongan originally a pesawahan land […]

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  • beringharjo market

    Beringharjo Market

    Beringharjo (hanacaraka: Market Beringharja) is the oldest market with philosophical and historical value that can not be separated by Kraton Yogyakarta. Beringharjo has the literal meaning of the banyan tree forest which is expected to provide welfare for the people of Yogyakarta. Beringharjo located on Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 16, Yogyakarta. There are many types […]

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  • malioboro street

    Malioboro Street

    Malioboro is the most famous street in Yogyakarta. Located in the heart of Yogya, this is the city’s main street, and was once the ceremonial avenue for the Sultan to pass through on his way to and from the Keraton. During such occasions Malioboro would be festively decorated with flowers. Some say that the name […]

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