• Togean Islands National Park

    The natural beauty of this national park is being no doubt. There are various of biodiversity can be found here, as well as the marine ecosystem that is also incredible. In this area, you can find a beautiful mangrove forest. Some of green turtles and hawksbill that are endangered and many genuine species of coral […]

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  • Mary Pieta Statue in Soppeng

    Religious Tourism with Historical in South Sulawesi   The statue was imported directly from the Vatican in the Dutch colonial period. The existence of the statue in Soppeng is unintentional. The local priest, Pastor Emmanuel Asi ‘mentions that the statue was imported directly from the Vatican in the Dutch colonial period. In fact the colonial nations […]

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  • Maimoon Palace

    Maimoon Palace is located at Jalan Brig. Jend. Katamso in downtown Medan. This historic building is open the public every day, except when there are organizing a special ceremony. The back wing of the palace is occupied by members of the sultan’s family. The current sultan, Aria Mahmud Lamanjiji, was only eight years old when […]

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  • intestinal embroidery

    Intestinal Embroidery

    One of the unique handicrafts are Intestinal Embroideries from Lampung. Intestine embroidery crafts is the potential regional assets because of their uniqueness. The uniqueness of the intestine embroidery has attracted many tourists from outside Lampung region and even abroad. Moreover, intestine embroidery craft has been modified by the designer Lampung so that it becomes more […]

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  • gabusan art market

    Gabusan Art Market

    Bantul has become the center of various crafts in Yogyakarta. In addition to the house down the production of art, you can come to market Gabusan the sales centers artwork residents of Bantul. Since the beginning of construction, Gabusan Market is intended as a craftsman in Bantul access to international markets. Unmitigated, this market can […]

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