• Kidang Kencana Cave

    Kidang Kencana Cave located in Sabrangkidul hamlet, Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo. According to the local community, the name “Kidang Kencana” is taken from a story of the meeting a shepherd named Mbah Bongsoriyo with a deer. Mbah Bongsoriyo who lost his sheep accidentally find it in a cave with a deer. Since that time, the […]

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  • petruk cave

    Petruk Cave

    Petruk cave is one of Sightseeing in Kebumen. Obwis (objects and Logending Beach, where the location is in the hamlet village Mandayana Candirenggo the District’s father, Kebumen district, or about 4.5 km from Jatijajar southerly direction. Hearing the name Petruk, people will certainly remember the name of the child Ponokawan Ki Semar that tall, but […]

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  • jatijajar cave

    Jatijajar Cave

    This cave was discovered in 1802 by a farmer named Jayamenawi who has a farm on top of the cave. At one point Jayamenawi are taking the grass, then fell in a hole that turned it was a ventilation hole in the ceiling of the cave. This hole has a center line and 4 meters […]

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