• Braga Permai Restaurant | Dine In Restaurants | Bandung

    Braga Permai Restaurant or known as Maison Bogerijen was an old Dutch restaurant in Bandung since 1920s. Braga Permai is the most historic restaurants and one restaurant that became the cultural heritage in the city Come with us to remember your sweet memories. Opened in 1918 th by L Van Bogerijen, Maison Bogerijen was first […]

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  • #PrayForSinabung | Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption

    #PrayForSinabung | Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption

    #PrayForSinabung | Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption Pyroclastic flows continue to threaten the southeastern and east-northeastern slopes of the volcano. According to a news article, approx. 1,200 people were evacuated yesterday, bringing the total number of current refugees to almost 4,000. Another 2,500 residents should be evacuated over the next few days. [update 16 June 2015] […]

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