Mangrove Forest Conservation Area and Proboscis Monkeys

While you’re at Tarakan be sure to visit the lush mangrove forests in the heart of Tarakan, and to see its cute inhabitant, the Proboscis monkey. You can see the typical animals here that live in mangrove forest, the most interesting and characteristicof them is the Proboscis monkey which is just one of the many protected animals here. The Proboscis Monkey is different from most other monkeys in one unique way: their long noses. Because of their long nose, this monkey got the nickname the “Dutch monkey” The Proboscis monkey remains to have an athletic body swinging from one branch to the other, much to the delight and entertainment of visitors.

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Mangrove Forest Conservation Area or known as Kawasan Konservasi Mangrove dan Bekantan (KKMB) is located on the Jalan Gajah Mada. The area is about 21 hectares in size and is original forest from the time when Tarakan was surrounded by dense mangrove forests, which have all but a small part disappeared for shopping and residential areas. Fortunately, the Tarakan mayor Jusuf, SK had the idea to save part of the mangrove forest which has changed into a conservation area and a tourist attraction.

Proboscis Monkeys can be visited in Mangrove Forest Conservation Area and Proboscis Monkeys of Tarakan were located in the city center, exactly in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan province (Kaltara). Park or mangrove forest is quite easily accessible from the city center.

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Mangrove Forest Conservation Area and Proboscis Monkeys
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