Salawati Island | Private Island & Beach Resort Escape | Raja Ampat

To reach Salawati Island, you could use plane from Jakarta or other major cities in Indonesia to Sorong Airport. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong, you could continue your trip by using various choices of transportation. The trip from Sorong to this island might take about 2 hours using speedboat. Along the coast, you might pass several small islands until you arrive at your destination. Once you’ve arrived at the island, you could stay at various choices of resorts that are available on this island. Other attractions that you could find on this island are including several World War II bunkers and waterfalls.

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Most people who came to this island want to dive into the water to see this fish. Besides diving, you also could enjoy various choices of water sports on this island from snorkeling to swimming. You also could spend your time by relaxing and sunbathing on the beach as well. Just like the water, the land of this island also offers great natural attraction as well. You could explore this island to see various exotic plants and animals that you might not find in any other places.

Just like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island has very beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear and the underwater view is magnificent. You also could find various types of exotic fish on the water of this island. However, the most interesting fish in the water of Salawati Island is definitely the rainbow fish. This fish is known for various colors that appear on its body, hence the name. Rainbow fish is not only considered as one of the most exotic fish in Indonesia, but also in the whole world.

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Salawati Island - Raja Ampat
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