Wedang Uwuh

According to research, wedang uwuh it’s like a doctor for some diseases. First ingredient, ginger is good for blood circulation. Ginger can stop problem like frozen blood. And it’s better than red garlic and white garlic do. Ginger is able to reduce cholesterol absorbed in blood and heart. A research showing the ginger can reduce blood pressure also. The cinnamon has anti occident. The combination between ginger and cinnamon are able to moving up human immune because cinnamon has greater anti occident.

In the Javanese word, ‘uwuh’ means rubbish. And ‘wedang’ is like a hot drink. So, if we compare the two words, the meaning becomes rubbish drink. But, don’t be suspicious first. This is not the real rubbish, like waste paper or waste vegetables. It’s only a name which represents the wedang uwuh made by much kind of herbs, as clove, lime leave, secang, nutmeg and cinnamon. All put in a glass, look like a rubbish bin.

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Wedang Uwuh
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