Thiwul used to be the main food for Gunungkidul locals during Japan’s colonization-it substituted rice, which were hardly accessible. When eaten, it will expand inside the stomach, making one eating it quickly feel full. It was a good thing, recalling that life was hard during the colonization era.

Today, thiwul is no longer a main food for Gunungkidul locals its position has shifted into becoming traditional snack. One of the legendary thiwul seller is Tumirah. Yu Tum-that’s how she is commonly called-has been selling thiwul for 28 years, since 1985. Began with selling from one village to another, Yu Tum-now reaching her eighties-has now had 3 counters managed by her children-in-law. Her central counter and kitchen is located at Jalan Pramuka no. 36, next to Wonosari’s Village Hall

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