Sermo Reservoir

Reservoir which was inaugurated by President Soeharto 20 November 1996 ago, created by damming Ngrancah time, with the cost of construction reached Rp 22 billion and be completed within two years and eight months. For the construction of this dam, the Government of Kulon Progo perform mass transmigration alias “bedol village”. A total of 100 families were resettled to Tak Toi Bengkulu and 7 families were resettled to Perkebunan Inti Rakyat (PIR) Riau Palm Oil. The purpose of this is the construction of reservoirs for irrigation systems suppletion Kalibawang area that has coverage area of 7152 Ha. The irrigation system is the interconnection of several irrigation

Sermo Reservoir layout arguably quite strategic, because in between two hills and surrounding trees and their many nature reserves or forest tour which makes it look green and cool. There are roads that circles around the reservoir so that it easier for visitors to enjoy the Sermo Reservoir from any point of view freely. Along the circular road that there is a place – a haven in the form of a mushroom house (shaped like a mushroom) and houses on stilts. There are also food stalls, workshops and public toilets. Besides, it also provides a guesthouse or villa, if we want to enjoy the beauty of the reservoir at night. If you want to surround Sermo Reservoir through the water, there is also provided a boat rental or sometimes people call “gethek”. There is also a motor boat. When you like fishing, we do not need to pay. Simply buy or bring their own equipment for fishing. Although visitors are free fishing on Sermo Reservoir, but there are certain areas that are prohibited because it is dangerous.

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Sermo Reservoir
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