Panggung Krapyak

This place was used on Mataram Dinasty. Panggung Krapyak used by the King as the place to hide and hunt some animals, such as deer. Then this place called as Kandang Menjangan (Deer Cage) by the villagers.

Panggung Menjangan was built on 1760 by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. This place also used as a defence area from wild animals. On that time, name Krapyak was an forest with many wild animals, like deers or in Javanese called as Menjangan. Thats why Panggung Krapyak was used for deers hunting by the Kings.

Panggung Krapyak belongs to an imaginary building in Yogyakarta which connect with Mt. Merapi, Tugu Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Palace, and The South Sea. This shaft describing an human journey from birth untill death.

Mijen Village, an area around Panggung Krapyak represents humans life while in a womb. When you visit Panggung Krapyak, it means you visit one of the important building for Yogyakarta Palace.

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Panggung Krapyak
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