Javanese Beer

The variety of European foods and beverages including beer started to become popular. Sultan HB VIII considered that beer was harmful since it is tipsifying. But he also wanted to have a Javanese version of the beer that could be enjoyed by the Royal family and that is not causing the drinker to get drunk.

According to the member of royal family who is more familiarly known as Romo Tirun Winarta, the history of Javanese beer began during the reign of Sultan HB VIII. At that time, around 1920, the European culinary influences started to enter Java Island through Dutch colonists.

The Javanese beer is, in addition to not causing intoxication, could warm the body and has been consumed as a health drink. The clove content eliminates bad breath while the lemon squeeze is considered good for high-blood pressure problems and body slimming.

There are versions of Javanese beer recipe other than the one made by the Palace. Based on the information from Culture Office of Yogyakarta, other Javanese beer is made from the stew of ginger, lemongrass, clove, cinnamon, mesofit, pandan leaves, sugar, water, and lemon.

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Javanese Beer
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