Baron Technopark

The workings of the Sun Clock is quite easy. By relying on the sun, then we will be able to see how the number had fallen shadow slanted pillars. Of course, the Sun Clock has spatial management as well as its own superiority.

Sun Clock is located at the highest point of the tourist area Baron Technopark. To go to the sun clock, you have to pass the path uphill first. But when he got on top, the vast stretches of ocean view will complete the taste.

Baron Technopark itself was founded in the year 2009 with a grant from NORAD-Norway, in the region racuk Parang, or west Baron. Baron Technopark is often used for the application test advice, educational tours and utilization of new energy technologies. But unfortunately, not many people know of the existence of this educational tour.

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Baron Technopark
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