Situ Patenggang Bandung

Located near Ciwidey, 2km from Bandung, Situ Patenggang becomes one alternative place to refreshing mind. Situ Petenggang is a lake in South Bandung. The area of this lake is about 45.000 hectars and built in 1.600 meters above sea level.

Fishing are allowed in this lake. There are also a tea garden around the lake. People can rent a boat to cross the lake.

People said, if you can go around a Love Stone (inside the Love Island) in the center of this lake, you will get the long last relationship. They believe if you go around with your partner, your relationship will long last.

This story was from folktale from Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang. This story is about love relationship between Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis that separated by war. It takes a long time for each of them to find one another. Finally they met in Love Stone. After that, Dewi Rengganis ask to Ki Santang to make a lake and a boat for them to sailing together. Then this lake was made. That’s why this place called as Love Island.

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Situ Patengggang Bandung
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