Seger Beach

Seger Beach popular with the story of Princess Mandalika who loved by 4 Princes. This is one of the famous folktale in Lombok. This story told us about 4 Princes who fell in love with Princess Mandalika and trying to catch her. In other side of the beach you can see the monument which the 4 Princes and Princess Mandalika stands together. On the west side of the beach you can find hill, a place Princess Mandalika throwing herself to the sea.

Seger Beach located 2km from Kuta Beach, Lombok. This beach had a white sand and covered with 4 hills around the beach. People can do surfing in this beach. Snorkeling also allowed in this beach.

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Sometimes the villagers do the Bau Nyale Ceremony. This ceremony usually starts in February until March. This ceremony starts by catching the worms. These worms then called as Nyale. They believe that this Nyale is reincarnation of Princess Mandalika.

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Seger Beach
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