Kembang Waru (Waru Flower) Cake

This cake is traditional cake from Kotagede, which is being baked since Mataram Senopati Dinasty. This cake was inspired by the shape of Waru Trees around Kotagede’ Traditional Market. In the past time, this cake only served in Kings ceremonial, such as wedding, circumcisions, and served only for Kings family.

Nowdays, this cake became rare. Only the elder in Kotagede bake this traditional cake. Mr. Basiran and his wife are one of the elder who baked this cake since 1983. Mr. Basiran said that nowdays only 6 familes who bake Kembang Waru Cake. Mr. Basiran still using the traditional equipment, like baking the cake above the charcoal directly.

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Even bake with traditional method, Kembang Waru Cake become more delicious and sweet.

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Kembang Waru (Waru Flower) Cake
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