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Banyu Mili Restaurant is one of the popular outdoor restaurants in Yogyakarta. The name of Banyu Mili was taken from Javanese Language. “Banyu” means water and “Mili” means flow, so Banyu Mili means a restaurant with water-flow inside it. This restaurant located in Jl. Godean km 4,5 (not far too from town).

Banyu Mili Restaurant is huge enough. You will find a swimming pool inside this restaurant and also playing ground for children. Moreover, they still have an artificial lake with many cottage around that lake. That makes this restaurant called as Oasis Culinary in a Downtown.

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People who come to this place usually bring their children. The children always like to swim in the swimming pool inside this restaurant and the elders like to enjoy the nature inside the cottage. Other people also like to fishing in the artificial lake. Other facilities you can rent is meeting room for 200 people and also place for wedding party. Some people usually make a reservation for their wedding around the artificial lake and swimming pool.

Best seller menus in Banyu Mili Restaurant are mostly seafood, like crabs, shrimp, carps, and squid. But they also have other dishes like fried chicken, fried rice, soups, and local sauce. Besides that, this restaurant also have various drinks, include the local drinks.

Banyu Mili Restaurant
Komplek Perumahan Griya Mahkota
Jl. Godean Km 4,5 Kwarasan
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Telp : +62.274.545.143
WhatsApp : +62.8773.9011.462
Email : [email protected]
Website :


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Banyu Mili Restaurant | Dine In Restaurants | Yogyakarta
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