Kidang Kencana Cave

Kidang Kencana Cave located in Sabrangkidul hamlet, Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo. According to the local community, the name “Kidang Kencana” is taken from a story of the meeting a shepherd named Mbah Bongsoriyo with a deer. Mbah Bongsoriyo who lost his sheep accidentally find it in a cave with a deer. Since that time, the cave named Kidung Kencana Cave.

Kidang Kencana Cave covered by vegetation behind the quiet dark hills and karst land. Road in this cave is rugged and slippery. But do not worry, the tour guides will provide rubber shoes, a helmet, flashlight, and waistcoat contain phosphorus that will glow in the dark.

The cave also still natural. Stalagmites inside the cave is still active too. Its increasing the view inside the cave prettier. There were also small river flows inside the cave. There are several natural ornaments that have local name. Some of them, are Ringin Kurung, Selangit, Soko Bentet, Bungkus Angkrem, Langit Kuntoro, Bulus, and Pancoran.

Ringin Kurung is a huge rock that looks like Banyan Tree. Selangit is name of the rocks that looks like Kentongan (Javanese; a bell made from huge wood). Soko Bentet is a pillar from combination of Stalactites and Stalagmites. Bungkus Angkrem is a title of huge rocks that looks like heart.

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Kidang Kencana Cave
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