Tihang Stone

There are a lot of beautiful beach and lumps of stone that we have not explored them yet. Of course today, we write about other interesting place in coastal areas in west Lampung. It is called Tihang stone. It locates in Kotakarang, in Beach Tihang stone which is has beautiful scenery. Additionally, traditional houses of Lampungnese “Rumah Panggung” are making line in the seashore.

To visit this location we do not spend a lot of time, just taking one way in Pekon Kotakarang then we will arrive in this beautiful location. The huge stones which is called “Batu Tihang” has a slope of about 60 degrees in the seashore, then of course there are a lot of beautiful stone that you can see on that Tihang beach.

On the other hand, you might not to try to climb it because it is to danger high and sharp, we are not allow for the tourists to climb this stone without some equipment to help in climbing. According to Mrs. Siti who is one of native people stays around this are the stone begins to be visited by visitors in 2000. Usually, peoples who visit this place want to take the pics on the rock of tihang. Moreover, the tourist can swim on near on the beach which is not too deep.

How to get in this place:

You might not be in trouble to visit this location, route is mostly enjoyed by visitors. You just need additional time more than 1.5 hours from Krui City. But, if you are from Bandar Lampung, you must need 5-6 hours to get in that place. Most of natives surrounding that place are welcome to the visitors that will make you feel comfortable enjoying Tihang Stone beach. As you know that we do really care about this place, we want to protect it without losing its beautifulness.

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