tempoyak sauce

Tempoyak Sauce

Traditional food is one self-pride for local communities in certain areas. If we are talking of traditional food in Indonesia will be more than hundreds of traditional dishes that are still widely unknown by crowd. Traditional food today is tempoyak sauce, is one of traditional dishes that is available in the Lampung, Sumatra. Although dishes (tempoyak sauce) is not well known from outside of Lampung region. This food is often made in a custom event or party. People often use tempoyak sauce in this custom events such as: weddings, or big days as one of the complement menu at the main dish in those event.

One that probably will make interesting in making chili tempoyak sauce are using main ingredient of the fermented durian fruit. Who is not familiar with durian fruit? Which is famous for taste and smell that makes many people want to enjoy the durian fruit. Actually, this cuisine is traditional food of Malay, and we can also see the same thing in Malaysia. Because the majority of the population of Malaysia is Malay. They still have related history of Lampung’s people namely the Malay region. In line with this menu, tempoyak sauce has become the most important part for the people of Lampung in Lampung society complements the dish.

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Tempoyak sauce is made by taking a piece of durian flesh ripe and separated from the seed. Then added with a little of salt and cayenne pepper and store in a meeting to fermented. Most Lampung’s people add with anchovies, and carp. The dough is kept for 3 to 5 days in airtight place. If you want to visit Lampung. You need to try this sauce, of course you will feel incomplete when you don’t try to have this food. However, you also can get tempoyak sauce in some special restaurant in Bandar Lampung which have already in pack.

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