nasi penggel

Nasi Penggel

Rice penggel (the letter “e” is read as reading the word “pen”), is one of the specialties of Kebumen, a city located in the karangsambung district of Central Java. However, unlike other typical food Kebumen, such as satay and lanting, to enjoy a serving of rice penggel can be a difficult thing. Because, in addition to the number of sellers who can be counted on the fingers, hours of purchase must absolutely be taken into account. We even have to be willing to get up early, because through eight in the morning, rice penggel certainly sold out, no trace.

Penggel rice, is rice with kikil, tempeh, tofu, and vegetables gori (young jackfruit). Often, vegetable gori also mixed with pieces of bamboo shoots, string beans, leaves, and fruit peel melinjo. From the display, similar to the rice warm. However, if the dominant warm with a sweet taste, while eating rice penggel, we can find three flavors dominate: spicy, salty, and savory.

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One of the unique penggel rice can be seen from the shape. Before dibulati, the seller will usually smear hands with coconut oil with the aim of maintaining a savory taste. So, although in the end the rice will be destroyed when eaten or mixed vegetable soup, the flavor will remain savory.

From the name, penggel rice itself means “rice dibulati”. Rice shape, resembling rice balls are formed round of ping-pong balls. At first glance, it does look small. But when enjoyed, one portion of rice penggel which typically contains 7 to 8 circle, clear enough to make full.

Before eating, the dots will be placed rice on a banana leaf that is deliberately created “pincuk” -part bottom shaped like a beak taper burung- Like the bowl. In some sellers, can be found in banana leaves are first steamed, so that a typical flavored, textured limp, and not easily torn when folded.

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As a side dish, rice penggel also equipped with goulash kikil small cattle slaughtered. But, if you want, kikil can also be replaced with leather and other beef offal such as tripe, iso, heart, tetelan, lung, and so forth according to taste. In fact, for some people, this combination will be more delicious taste when equipped with tempeh mendoan.

Penggel rice seller can be found in the square Kebumen, Tembana region, or directly to their home villages penggel rice traders, the village Peniron, Pejagoan. The price, ranging between Rp 7 thousand to Rp 15 thousand. Do not forget to get up early. Therefore, the rice seller penggel usually only be found at 6:30 until 8:00 am.

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