sempor dam

Sempor Dam

Sempor Dam is an embankment dam on the Sempor River in District gombong, Central Java Province, Republic of Indonesia. In addition to being a tourist attraction Sempor Dam is a source of irrigation water for farmers. It helps irrigate Thousands of paddy fields in the delta. It also Provides for flood control and has a 1 MW hydroelectric power station at its base. Construction on the dam started in 1967 but in the same year water from flash floods over-topped it, causing the dam to fail. The wave of water killed over 2,000 people and delivered downstream widespread damage to the area. Later restarted construction on the dam and it was completed in 1978. Its power station was later commissioned in 1980.

Reservoir existence Sempor in Kebumen provide cool air and also typical beautiful mountains unusual for Kebumen area. Moreover, viewed from the geographical factor Kebumen is a district located near the southern coast of the generally high temperature. Beauty and panorama Reservoir Sempor often compared to Jatiluhur in Purwakarta. Aside from being a tourist attraction Sempor Reservoir is a source of water for irrigation farmers. Reservoir Sempor be part of technical irrigation facilities to irrigate thousands of paddy fields in the Deal.

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At the time Indonesia precisely controlled by the Dutch in 1916, the Dutch government has identified that there Sempor area an ideal location for a reservoir. Such identification is carried out to provide water to be used for irrigation surrounding areas. The Government of Indonesia through the experts-experts back melanjtukan research on ideal locations for reservoirs in Sempor in 1950. From that research produced a design or design a reservoir in Sempor. In 1958 the physical development Sempor Multipurpose Dam Project was initiated through Sempor .. Sempor selelasi Reservoir construction project in 1978.

Sempor Reservoir is a dam on River area Cincingguling also called Sempor River which flows from the northeast to the south at the foot of Mount Serayu south and empties into the Indian Ocean. Sempor reservoirs situated 8 km to the north city of Deal. Sempor reservoirs located at a height of approximately 30 meters above sea level. Although located in areas close to the coast, the air in the reservoir Sempor relatively cool because it was the location of unspoiled hills. The hills around the reservoir Sempor filled with thousands of pine trees. The scenery is dominated by Sempor Reservoir water in the reservoir and pine trees on the hill. This reservoir can also be used as a place to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise) .Pemandangan rocks and gurgling sound of water can be enjoyed in the river at the dam Area. Sempor reservoir has been equipped with facilities for cycling and Berlar-joggers to the tourists. Aside from being a tourist spot Sempor Reservoir is also suitable for use as a seminar, meeting or other similar activities because of the atmosphere of a quiet place.

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DI complex reservoir Sempor tourism there is also a monument. Sempor monument was inaugurated by the Minister of Public Works and Power then Prof. Dr. Ir Sutami in March 1978. The monument was built to commemorate the workers Project Sempor citizens who fall victim to the burst reservoir Sempor in 1967. When the reservoir Sempor still shaped mound of earth. Noted the burst reservoir Sempor then killed as many as 127 people.

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