agung temple

Agung Temple

Agung Temple is a small Hindu temple site located in Malang River region, Central Amuntai districts, Hulu Sungai Utara, South Kalimantan. The temple is estimated relics of the kingdom Country Dipa whose existence contemporaneous with the kingdom of Majapahit

Agung Temple is a relic of Empire State Amuntai Dipa Khuripan built by Professor Jatmika XIV century AD. From empire eventually gave birth to the kingdom of Daha in the State and the Kingdom of Banjarmasin. According to the story, Dipa State Hindu kingdom was founded in 1438 at the junction of three streams. Tabalong, Balangan, and the State. The forerunner of the Banjar Kingdom ruled by the Prince and Princess uphold Suryanata froth with heads of government Patih Mangkurat. Dipa countries later evolved into Amuntai City.

Agung Temple is estimated to have been 740 years old. Materials Agung Temple is dominated by stone and wood. His condition is still very sturdy. The temple is also found some historical relics that date back some 200 years BC. Stone used to build this temple is still found there. The rock glance very similar to brick red. However, there is a difference when touched, heavier and more powerful than ordinary red brick. The bricks were found similar to large sized bricks are also found in the village temple site Kayen Kayen Buloh village in Central Java.

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