lumbung temple

Lumbung Temple

Candi Lumbung is located in the hamlet Tlatar, Krogowanan Village, District Sawangan, Magelang. The temple is located right on the banks of Kali Apu, which flows from Mount Merapi on the slopes of the western side. This place can be reached from the highway at the junction of Yogyakarta-Magelang Blabak (around a paper mill) towards Ketep. The temple is located adjacent to two other temples, the temple and the temple Pendem Asu. The third temple is often referred to as temples Sengi.

It is not clear whether the name Lumbung is a temple name or the name was simply a designation of surrounding communities because of its shape like a barn (rice storage building). This is a Buddhist sacred buildings temple group consisting of 17 buildings, namely the main temple located in the center, surrounded by 16 ancillary temples. Lumbung temple complexes page is closed stretch of andesite.

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The main temple, which itself is now in ruins, with a 20-sided polygon-shaped ground-plan area of ​​350 m2. The temple sits on 2.5 m high base. The stairs and the entrance is located on the east side. Corbelled roof entrance and hallway leading to the room in the temple. The outside of the walls on all four sides decorated with carvings pictures of men and women in almost equal measure with reality. Pictures on the walls flanking the entrance is Kuwera and Hariti.

On the outside wall on the north, west and south there are niches to hold Dhyani Buddha statues. Number of niches on each side is 3 pieces, bringing the total is 9 units, are currently none niches containing statues. The roof of the main temple had been destroyed, but is expected shaped stupa with a pointed tip, like the roof of ancillary temples. All around the main temple courtyard there is a fence that is currently in ruins.

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Perwara which amounts to 16 units marched around the main temple. The whole perwara facing toward the main temple. Each of these ancillary temple stands on 1 m high base with ground-plan around 3 m2. The walls of the temple plain unadorned. On the east side, right at the front door, there is a staircase which is equipped with a cheek stairs. Above the doorway there is Kalamakara without lower jaw.

Perwara cube-shaped roof with a peak tiered stupa. Each corner of the cube decorated with small stupas. The space inside the body perwara saucer-like stone statues are arranged in a row.

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