ngawen temple

Ngawen Temple

The temple is located in the village of Ngawen, District Muntilan, Magelang, Central Java. From Yogyakarta is located approximately 5 km to the (prior) Mendut.

This Ngawen temple Buddhist background. This is evidenced by the findings of Dhyani budda statue in the temple Ratnasambhawa II and Dhyani Buddha statues in the temple Amithaba IV. Based on the architectural style of the building Ngawen temple built around centuries IX – X AD.

This temple has a different shape with decorated by statues of lions on its four corners. Shape of the building was almost akin to building a Hindu temple. This is due to the tapered temple building. But if one looks closely, this temple has a stupa and a terrace (the steps), which became a symbol in Buddhist temples.

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One researcher from the Netherlands, Van Erp who began the study temple Ngawen 1920, he started excavation of the temple by draining wetland where Ngawen found. Now, the temple is still surrounded by rice fields which offers its own beauty.

One of the unique temple Ngawen is the presence of four lion statues in every corner of the temple II and Temple IV. Ngawen temple complex is comprised of five (5) pieces of the temples that lined parallel from north to south. The building of the temple facing the East. Straight from the south temple Ngawen I, II, III, IV and V with each temple berdenah. Temple II and IV have the size and shape of the same construction.

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Another uniqueness is the art of temple architecture, found in the stone lions that support the four sides of the temple were successfully reconstructed from five existing buildings. Style carved stone lions emblem resembles a lion in the state of Singapore, and serves rainwater drains out through the mouth of the statue.

Of the five temples in the temple complex are the only temple Ngawen II that have been restored in 1927 so that this temple has the most complete component. Four other temples just stay Khaki. Of the five temples that the worst is the only temple I stayed foundation.

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