pawon temple

Pawon Temple

Pawon located in the village of Borobudur, District Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java Province. The temple, which has another name Brajanalan temple is located about 2 km to the northeast of the temple Barabudhur and 1 km to the southeast of Mendut. Mendut layout, Pawon and Barabudhur who are on a straight line basis alleged that the three Buddhist temples that have a close connection. Besides the location, the resemblance motif carved in the third temple also underlies the relationship between the three. Poerbatjaraka, even found Pawon is upa tine (part of) temple Barabudhur.

According to Casparis, Pawon is penimpanan place the ashes of King Indra (782-812 AD), the father of King Samarrattungga Sailendra dynasty. The name “Pawon” itself, according to some, comes from the word meaning a place to store pawuan awu (ash). Indoor Pawon body, there is a statue Bodhhisatwa originally estimated, as a form of homage to the King Indra is considered to have reached the level of Bodhisattva, the statue was placed in the temple Bodhisatwva. In the Middle Reef inscription mentioned that the statue is issued Vajra (rays). The statement led to speculation that the Bodhisattva statue made of bronze.

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This temple stands about 1.5 m berdenah rectangular base, but the edges are made sinuous form 20 angles. Wall shelf sculpture decorated with various motifs, such as flowers and tendrils. In contrast to Buddhist temples in general, Pawon slender body shape like a Hindu temple.

The entrance to the room in the temple is located on the west side. Above the doorway there were hangings Kalamakara jawless bawah.Tangga into the hall is equipped with cheek staircase with carvings on the outer walls. Ornate dragon head at the base of the ladder is damaged cheek. The room in the temple is currently empty, but on the floor of visible marks that show that once there is a statue at the venue.

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On the front wall of the temple, to the north and south entrance, there is a niche which contains sculptures depicting Kuwera (God of Wealth) in a standing position. Sculpture located at the south door was broken so it was not seen again the original form. Sculpture at the north door is still relatively intact, only the head are already destroyed.

On the north and south walls of the temple are the same relief, ie depicting Kinara and Kinari, a pair of human-headed bird, flanked Kalpataru tree that grows in a vase. Around the trees located some purse money. The sky was a man who was flying. At the top of the wall there is a small window for ventilation. In between the ventilation holes are carved kumuda.

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Stackable rectangular temple roof with decorative several dagobas (dome) is small in each side. Top of the roof is decorated with a larger dagoba.

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