pringapus temple

Pringapus Temple

Pringapus temple which is built around the year 850 AD located in the village Pringapus, sub Ngadirejo, Temanggung Central Java. Pringapus village located in Mount Sindoro. The location of the temple is approximately 5 km from the district Ngadirejo and within 32 km to the Northeast of the city Temanggung.

Temple Pringapus been restored by the Department of Antiquities in 1930. Judging from the shape of the building, Pringapus berarsitek Hindu Shiva temple. This indicates that Pringapus temple built to worship Lord Shiva and is a replica Mahameru, the abode of the gods. This is evidenced by the cow statue Nandini, vehicle of Shiva, and reliefs depicting Hapsara-hapsari demi gods.

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The temple was built with materials of andesite with an area of ​​about 29,68m2. Pringapus temple associated with Argapura inscription which dates to the year 852 AD Figures indicated in the foundation of the temple and is suspected as the year of completion of construction of the temple was the year 772 Saka (= 850 M). Judging by his numbers, the possibility of this temple was built during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty.

Temple door decorated with Kalamakara above the threshold. The stairs were made to reach the door made without cheek stairs. Berebentuk temple roof three-tiered box, the upward decreasing, similar to the roof Kidal temple in East Java.

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Temple Priangapus beauty lies in the very fine carved ornaments and beautiful that shows that the architect had a taste of high art. Empty fields filled with carvings of lotus flowers and tendrils. The walls on either side of the door panels decorated with a pair of deities carved with ornate leaves distilir in atasanya.

In the temple there is a statue of an ox in a sitting position. In the west of the temple, at the edge of the ‘spring’ (small lakes) there is a phallus and a statue of a cow. That said, this is a cow statue guards the spring water availability, because one of the unique spring is the water never dry despite the prolonged dry season.

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