gumuk pasir sandbanks parangtritis

Gumuk Pasir ( Sandbanks ) Parangtritis

Sandbanks or dunes or sand dune on the beach Parangtritis. Sandbanks in Parangtritis this type is barchans or crescent. This natural phenomenon is interesting to be a tourist attraction. Most people do a photo session because keindahannyaGumuk sand formed by the wind so that the wind that brings sand material will form the various forms sandbanks. Mount Merapi volcanic material in the form of broken rock into gravel and eventually became a grain of sand carried by the wind towards the coast restrained by waves and strong winds from the Indian Ocean produce beautiful art sand dunes.

Have you ever imagined that there was a desert in Indonesia? Hard to imagine indeed, considering Indonesia’s tropical beloved and is in the region of the equator. But make no mistake, there know the desert in Indonesia, his name is sand dunes. It lies in the area of ​​Bantul, Yogyakarta or located along the Peel River to Parangtritis, Depok, Bantul, Yogyakarta Province.

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This phenomenon is not unusual. No wonder many geologists and geographers who came to the dunes sand to examine this unique phenomenon. Sand dunes even recommended by UNESCO into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sand dunes formed by the movement of the wind that brings sand from Mount Merapi volcanic material. Sand flew into the sea and fused together with water so that the sand grains become finer. Process to form a hilly sand dunes is not fast like tablets. Keep in thousands of years, to be a unique phenomenon that we can see as it is now. Interestingly air temperatures are in the sand dunes are just like the temperature in the Sahara Desert of Africa. Namely the scorching heat during the day and very cold at night. Sand dunes has a length of about 15 kilometers. It is located close to the beach Parangtritis and Peel River downstream.

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The sand dunes are often used as an object for photographers. Renowned artists such as Agnes Monica and Band Letto also never make it as a filming location video clips. Here you also can tour educational, because around dunes are Museum Geospatial which provide scientific information on the condition of geospatial sand dunes. The more curious about the dunes the only one in Indonesia this? Do not forget to stop here if you are visiting Yogyakarta.

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Gumuk Pasir ( Sandbanks ) Parangtritis
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