gabusan art market

Gabusan Art Market

Bantul has become the center of various crafts in Yogyakarta. In addition to the house down the production of art, you can come to market Gabusan the sales centers artwork residents of Bantul.

Since the beginning of construction, Gabusan Market is intended as a craftsman in Bantul access to international markets. Unmitigated, this market can accommodate 444 craftsmen and is likely to continue to grow.

Access to heading Gabusan market very easily. The art market is in Parangtritis km Highway 9. From Yogyakarta, you can take the path to the south or toward Parangtritis.

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Eits, do not imagine a hot market conditions and rundown, because Gabusan market looks very clean and stately. To build it, the architects at home and abroad have been deployed. So also reached the market Gabusan, magnificent gates and interesting will welcome you.

Market building divided into 16 blocks. Each block contains a variety of handicrafts range of raw materials, ranging from metal, leather, wood, clay, until the water hyacinth.

Gabusan is not just a market. Here also equipped with other facilities, such as restaurants, shops that sell daily necessities, as well as access to information technology.

With access to the information technology, you do not need to surround the market to find an item. In this place, you can easily search kerjinan what to look for. Interestingly, the price of goods can also know in the information center.

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Market facilities not just stop there. If Yogyakarta feels much to just buy a small craft, you can also order it from home! You stay access the site to order the goods you like. Yes, the art market this one is connected with internet access that allows you to transact.

Happy shopping!

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