barong temple

Barong Temple

Barong is patterned Hindu temple located in the southeast Complex Ratu Boko, Prambanan, Sleman, precisely on top of a hill in the hamlet Candisari, Sambirejo village, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The temple was probably built in the 9th century and 10th, as relics of the kingdom of Mataram Medang period.

The position is located on the southeast side of the temple complex of Ratu Boko, slightly below but still in the same system of hills, hills Batur Agung, at an altitude of 199 m above sea level. On the southwest side, at the bottom of the hill, located Banyunibo Temple, a Buddhist building. In the southeast of the temple’s position, is about 2 km, Candi Ijo located. In addition, there are also the surrounding sites Ganesha statues, temple Miri, Dawangsari Temple, and Temple Sumberwatu.

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The temple complex has an entrance on the west, then ushered in three terraced land. The first and second terrace had not found the temple, although there are remnants of the floor or pedestals. The second terrace is an area wide enough openings. Before entering the top terrace there is a small paduraksa gates that flank the stairs up.

On the highest terrace there are two buildings of the temple for worship, expected to Vishnu and Dewi Sri. Each of these temples has a size of approximately 8.18 m × 8.18 m with a height of 9.05 m. Building the main temples has no entrance, so the worship ceremony expected to be carried out of the building.

One of the main building of the temple.
When found, this temple has collapsed. The restoration began in 1987 with revisions in two major temples. The restoration was completed in 1992, followed by restoration of embankments and fences. During the restoration found the statue of Vishnu and Dewi Sri. Also found a statue of Ganesha and some peripih boxes made of andesite and white stone. In one peripih there are sheets of silver and gold lettered, but it was illegible handwriting. Accompanying peripih also found a number of home supplies, such as ceramic bowls, arrowheads, jars, and spoons.

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Worship of Vishnu is a feature of this temple complex. Generally, Central Java temples worshiping Lord Shiva or are Syiwaistis. In addition, the structure of the staircase located at the east worship center is also not uncommon for the temples of Medang period, which is usually the main building is in the center of the complex. Only Candi Ijo which have the same characteristics. Staircase structure is regarded as the original expression Indonesia. Syncretic pattern is also evident from the worship of Goddess Sri.

This temple got the name ‘barong’ because the main building of the temple has the time and makara ornaments on each niches like most temples in Java, which is similar to the barong.

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