nuwo tuho

Nuwo Tuho

Nuwo Tuho is a legacy of the nation’s cultural wealth that must be preserved in Indonesia. Nuwo tuho Lampung is a traditional house that still can be met, but probably many of this houses can be found remote areas. Although the amount is not as many as before. In ​​Bandar Lampung, despite being included into the city, Nuwo Tuho can still be found, which is in a district of Rajabasa, Bandar Lampung.

One of the traditional houses are still standing strong Lampung is promiscuous couples who named Mr Khatu and Nilawati. They have decades occupy this house, since 1870 they have been occupying the house. They only know that the house is a legacy handed down from their family. The age of this house is already hundreds of years, but the building of this house still looks strong because it uses high quality wood. Formerly, Rajabasa region is still a forest, covers area and the river, there are found large trees. The wood that is used to build the house is wood merbau. Lampungnese ethnics built this house to protect themselves from wild animals or from other dangers. This house has been built since 1717 that requires time and a long development process and then formally occupied in 1737. Moreover, in 1806, the Dutch colonial period, Tiuh Rajabasa is inaugurated into a lampungnese’s tribal location.

Nuwo lampung Tuho or traditional houses are still standing strong because the work is truly within their procedure that use quality ingredients. The wood used without a continuation in the form of sheets of the wood’s board. Three till four mount the woods are soaked into water full of mud which is called HAM before used. The house’s treatment is used special methods and materials. They use kerosene or diesel fuel which are mixed with tobacco.

source : ady mifarizki

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