curup gangsa waterfall

Curup Gangsa Waterfall

Another waterfall in Indonesia that still keeps its beauty is Curup Gangsa. This is one of best tourism place from Lampung province, Way Kanan. The place is located in boarder area between East Oku, South Sumatra Province and Way Kanan, North Lampung. Probably, many people don’t know that there are many tourism places that have not been taken care by government. It can be proven from waterfall Curup Gangsa.

Base on the story, society name that waterfall as Curup Gansa because sound of tinkling from water that is heard by residents. It looks like the sound of flute’s Gangsar which is used by the ancients. People around the location call this as a little Niagara. And, it is shown from the width of the derivative of water fall. Although it is not like what the real Niagara looks like, it is supposed to help us to refresh our minds from days’ work by seeing and visiting this beautiful place.

This waterfall exactly locates in Dusun Tanjung Jaya. Kotaway. Kec. Kasui, Way Kanan, North Lampung. This waterfall is for about 50m with width around 20m then it is followed by Gangsa River that are full beautiful stones surrounding this waterfall. For those who like adventure trip in nature scene, this Gangsa’s waterfall might become your option to be listed on your trip. The beautiful scenery of green hillside in that place makes Gangsa’s waterfall to be more enjoyable for tourists.

How to get in Gangsa’s waterfall
To reach destination place, we might need to take some stocks for the trip because the distance is quite far from the city of Bandar Lampung. The site is also covered the forests and mountains. The location is rarely visited by the visitors because its existence is quite far from the crowds of people. First, if we are from Bandar Lampung, then we will go Baradatu which takes for about 4 hours. After we have arrived in Baradatu, we are headed into one village that is Tanjung Jaya, in Sub distric Kasui. There, we need to have a guide to show us the right direction of Gangsa’s waterfall where located.

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source : ady mifarizki

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