laguna natural pool

Laguna Natural Pool

Laguna natural pool is also one secret hidden place beach in Lampung which is near by Teluk Kilauan. The view of panoramic ocean with any kind of corals reef will take you into another world of beach. This object becomes favorite tourists lately because Laguna natural pool is shown up in broadly in 20012. Of course it becomes more famous after Teluk Kilaun in Tanggamus regency. This object locates in Dusun Badung Jaya Pekon Kilauan Negeri, Kec. Kelumbayan Tanggamus regency. Most of tourists who visit this place like to swim in that natural pool. It is called natural pool because back water are made of buzzing of the waves continuously.

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If you want to have your unforgettable moments on Sumatra, we suggest you to visit this place. Tourists are very welcome by native here. There are some lodgings to welcome the tourists who spend their time on vacation days in Laguna natural pool. Even, it is quite far from city, there are always sellers that sell their foods.

How to get in this place

Starting form Bandar Lampung, you need to drive your car for about 3 up to 4 hours in Dusun Bandung Jaya Pekon Kiluan Negeri Kecamatan Kelumbayan Kabupaten Tanggamus. You will find many potholes on your track. Sometimes they make us feel uncomfortable when we are in the car. But, you don’t need to worry because those all will be paid off when you arrive in location.
The gate of Teluk Kilauan will welcome you on the way of it, just take for about 30 minute you will get in Dusun Bandung Jaya. You must need a guide to visit this place, if you have not visited this place before because the location is hidden in the end of beach Laguna and it needs a bit of your energy. They will always to remind you to not forget to bring some food for your own supplies. From Bandung Jaya, the route takes 1 kilometers with 25-40 minutes and you only can pass it by walking. The view of the beach with large waves and soft white sand will welcome your trip in this route. If you are an adventurer then you will not be disappointed visiting this place

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