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Puro Pakualaman

Puro Paku Alaman (Javanese: Pura Pakualaman) is a former small palace Pakualaman. The palace became the official residence of the Prince Paku Alam began in 1813 until 1950, when the state government of the Republic of Indonesia to make Pakualaman (together Sultanate of Yogyakarta) as a special autonomous region called the provincial level Yogyakarta.

Puro Paku Alaman is a small palace compared to the Sultan Palace. This shows that although this duchy position as a sovereign state itself outside the Sultanate of Yogyakarta but still a level below. The palace is facing south (now Jalan Sultan Agung). In front of him there is also a small clearing, Square Sewandanan. Great Mosque Pakualaman contained in the southwest of the palace. Mosque architecture is similar to the grand mosque sultanate but on a smaller scale and simple. In it there is also a pulpit and maksura, a special place for the Prince Paku Alam, as it is also contained in the sultanate mosque highway.

The palace is flanked by a public road on the north side (Jl. Purwanggan), east (Jl. Harjono), and southern (Jl. Sewandanan). Paku Alaman palace gate located on the south side (main gate) and the north side (already closed, but there are still traces). It is said that the palace had also fortified baluwerti are not beranjungan. Supposedly thick wall twenty meters along the north side of Jalan Sultan Agung east fork in the road Jagalan baluwarti believed to be the former. Gates are supposedly contained in the southern end of Jalan Gajah Mada.

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Puro Paku Alaman still the official residence of Sri Paduka Paku Alam IX, who is also deputy governor of Yogyakarta Special Region. Section which can be viewed by the public is the leading pendapa called Ward Sewatama. Meanwhile, parts of which are open to the public to enter just part Pakualaman Museum.

A legacy that can be seen by the general public is included in the museum Paku Alaman. Among the collection is a translation of the political agreement as the basis for the establishment of Pakualaman and various other political agreements. In addition there are several royal heritage (royal Heirlooms) include Paku Alam I KGPA throne, oversized umbrella “Songsong Bharad”, and “Songsong Tunggul Dragon”, trident spear guns, oversized clothes, as well as horse-drawn carriage which became the official vehicle of the Prince Paku Alam ,

Originally Puro Paku Alaman is in charge of the king’s palace Institute and the royal family in addition to being the center of government Pakualaman. After Pakualaman together Sultanate of Yogyakarta changed its status from the state into a province-level Special Region officially in 1950, Puro Paku Alaman began to separate from the Government of the Special Region and in-depoliticization so it just becomes an Institute of Indigenous Stakeholders Java particular line / style Pakualaman Yogyakarta. Function Puro Paku Alaman turned into protectors and guardians of cultural identity, especially Java, Yogyakarta style Paku Alaman. Paku Alaman style of Javanese culture is less visible and influential in Yogyakarta given region Paku Alam Duchy small and located far away on the south coast of Kulon Progo now.

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But there is a difference between Puro Paku Alaman Yogyakarta Palace Nusantara kingdoms others. Sri Paduka Paku Alam apart as lordship Stakeholder Throne Indigenous / Head Puro Paku Alaman also has a special position in government as a form of privilege area of ​​Yogyakarta. From the beginning of the DIY stands (de facto in 1946 and de yure 1950) until 1998 Sri Paduka Paku Alam automatically appointed as Deputy Governor / Deputy Head of Special Region which are not bound by the provisions of the tenure, terms, and the appointment of Vice-Governor / Deputy Regional Head Other (Act 22/1948; Law 1/1957; Pen Pres 6/1959; Law 18/1965; Law 5/1974). Between 1988-1998 Deputy Governor / Deputy Head of Special Region was appointed as the acting position of Governor / Head of Special Region. After 1999 the descendants of the Sri Paduka Paku Alam who qualify for priority to be appointed as Deputy Governor / Deputy Head of Special Region (Law 22/1999; Law 32/2004). Currently the lordship Stakeholder Throne is Sri Paduka Paku Alam IX

source : wikipedia.org & pariwisata.jogjakota.go.id

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