kilauan bay

Kilauan Bay

Teluk Kiluan or Kilauan Bay becomes one of the main tourism place in Lampung today. The oval-shaped of Teluk Kilauan makes thousands of tourists from come to see the beautiful scenery of it. Kiluan’s sand which is white and soft makes it good looking in the eyes. Moreover, The Kilauan’s water makes anyone who is swimming like to stay within, while sunbathing or just see the sights of it. Blue waters of the island Kiluan more pleasant in the eye. Furthermore, one of the main purpose of tourists who heads to the Teluk Kiluan because of the inhabit dolphins in this region. Certainly, we could also see the attraction of dolphins in every morning that they swim freely in the ocean. No wonder that tourists from various regions usually come here to see the community dolphins reputedly that is the largest in Asia.

Hot to get in Teluk Kilauan

Overland route followed through Bandar Lampung main aim of this direction is Pekon State Kiluan District of Kelumbayan Tanggamus. It might take three hours for driving then you will find the potholes fairly badly damaged on the way. The streets are going through is severe enough, but you will forget about it when you arrive in that location. The distance that you will pass from Bandar Lampung for about 80 km which requires a 3-4 hour drive. Then, you will see the entrance to the bay sparkle located in the dusun Sukamahi.

In addition, if you want to use the sea route, there are several routes to arrive in the Teluk Kiluan. Sea lanes can be reached through dock Canti, in Kalianda up heading to the Teluk Kiluan with a time of about 5 hours of sea route. Meanwhile, if passed dock Ketapang, Pesawaran takes about 3 hours for driving and it can also be reached via Pier TPI Lempasing, Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung and takes about 4 hours. However, the most frequently traversed by tourists by road from Bandar Lampung into Kiluan Pekon district.

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