lumpia semarang

Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia Semarang is a kind of food rollade containing bamboo shoots, egg, and chicken or shrimp.

The taste of lumpia Semarang is a fusion between Chinese and Indonesian flavors because it was first made by a Chinese descent who is married to an Indonesian and settled in Semarang, Java Tengah.Makanan started in Semarang sold and is known as the Games GANEFO held during the reign of President Soekarno ,

Today, there are six types of spring rolls semarang with a different taste. The first flow of Gang Lombok (Siem Swie Kiem), the second stream Jalan Pemuda (deceased Siem Swie Hie), and third streams Jalan Mataram (deceased Siem Hwa Nio). The third stream comes from a family of Siem Gwan Po Sing-Tjoa Nio-law and daughter who are the sole creator of lumpia Semarang, Tjoa Thay Yoe-Wasih and the last is the spring rolls Street Tanggamus (Ny. Mechtildis Tyastresna Halim) its spring rolls round and savory

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The fourth stream is the number of former employees of the spring rolls Street Youth, and the fifth is the flow of people with a background in the culinary hobbies that make spring rolls with spring roll recipe of learning outcomes that have been circulating.

The oldest generation of today, which is the third generation Siem Swie Kiem (68), remained faithful to serve its customers at the kiosk inherited from his father (Siem Gwan Sing) in Gang Gang Lombok Lombok 11. The specialty spring rolls, according to a number of fans who had met at the kiosk is a concoction shoots odorless, also a mixture of egg and shrimp is not fishy.

The fourth-generation artificial spring rolls can be obtained at the kiosk spring rolls Siem Siok aka Sister Lien Lien (43) at Jalan Jalan Pemuda and Pandanaran. Ms. Lien continue his late father’s stall, Siem Swie Hie, who is the brother of Siem Swie Kiem, at Jalan Pemuda (Gang mouth Grajen) while opening two branches in Jalan Pandanaran.

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Ms Lien peculiarities of spring rolls are the contents were added concoction of chicken meat. When beginning to continue his late father’s business, Ms Lien make three kinds of spring rolls, spring rolls filled with shrimp ie, the content of the chicken spring rolls (shrimp allergic to), and the special spring rolls contain a mixture of shrimp and chicken. But, because they feel inconvenience and moreover most buyers like the special, now Ms Lien only make one kind alone, that special spring rolls with shrimp mixed content of bamboo shoots and chicken.

The fourth generation, namely, the children of the deceased Siem Hwa Nio (sister of Siem Swie Kiem) to continue her stall in Jalan Mataram (Jalan MT Haryono) in addition to opening a new kiosk at several places in the city of Semarang. Among the children of the deceased Siem Hwa Nio there also are opening a branch in Jakarta. In fact there are grandchildren of the deceased Siem Hwa Nio as the fifth generation open spring rolls alone kiosk in Semarang.

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In addition to the families of the ancestral creator lumpia Semarang, now many are also those “outsiders” who make spring rolls semarang. They generally their former employees. Those with culinary hobby also enliven spring rolls semarang business by creating their own spring rolls, like Lumpia Express, Phoa Kiem Hwa of the Semarang International Family and Garden Restaurant in Jalan Gajah Mada, Semarang.

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