karangbolong beach

Karangbolong Beach

Karangbolong beach is a gently sloping sandy beach, bordered by hills composed by clastic sedimentary rocks of volcanic origin. Gray sand-sized fine to coarse derived from these rocks. The large wave hit the wall of hills produce enough energy to erode, transporting and depositing granular rock back. A high degree of weathering in the region accelerate the abrasion process. Local, lava breccia outcrop located by the beach eroded, resulting in the formation of a unique abrasion. Karangbolong coast has the potential to form a strong countercurrent, so it is a dangerous area for swimming. Other activities that tourists can do is fishing, where some fairly abundant species of reef fish on this beach.

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The coastal areas also include Karangbolong Cave, which is located on the east side. A fairly long corridor formed on the layer of lava that fractured breccia. Karangbolong cave length 30 m, width 10 m and a height of about 5 m. Breccia known as Gabon’s Formation Oligo-Miocene age or between 30-15 million years ago, revealed together with inserts sandstone and clay.

Karangbolong cave formation affected by the demolition that occurred along the boundary between the areas of breccia with pasri stone or clay stone. Peruntuhan hole will be even greater because of the layers of rock that hang from the ceiling hole always collapsed under the weight. The process was also triggered by a burly-burly that is, whose presence weakens the connective power between components of rocks. The process of cave formation is observed in both the east end and south Goa Karangbolong, where on a small scale wrecking rocks occur along the boundary of different layers. Because instead of limestone caves, then in Goa Karangbolong not found ornaments.

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source : kebumenkab.go.id & kab-kebumen.blogspot.com

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Karangbolong Beach

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