petruk cave

Petruk Cave

Petruk cave is one of Sightseeing in Kebumen. Obwis (objects and Logending Beach, where the location is in the hamlet village Mandayana Candirenggo the District’s father, Kebumen district, or about 4.5 km from Jatijajar southerly direction.

Hearing the name Petruk, people will certainly remember the name of the child Ponokawan Ki Semar that tall, but the sharp nose. That said, the puppet story, this Petruk son of lelembut Banaspati child is then taken by Ki Semar and Petruk is known for having a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, many people have heard of Goa Petruk, but still reluctant to visit the obwis. Quite reasonable perhaps, is due to enter Goa Petruk this required considerable preparation. Anyway, it’s useless when it comes to Goa Petruk is just a peek of the mouth Goa Petruk is just a peek of Goa mouth gaping wide enough.

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Please note, that in Goa that may seem quite daunting, because there is no spark or flame like in Goa Jatijajar, or other Goa in Indonesia. But Goa Petruk, according to records Doctor Koo, an expert Goa from abroad say that Goa is Goa Petruk most beautiful in the archipelago.

To that end, experts have asked the Government of Goa Kebumen, that the cave is maintained kealamiannnya. In fact, for illuminated with electricity, is also not allowed. But visitors do not worry, here provided Guide or guides who are always ready to take along with adequate lighting equipment.

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Three Goa Goa Petruk is actually terbagimenjadi three parts. The first part or on the first floor there are only bats with unpleasant smells and fly to and fro. Moderate to Goa both within the site named Goa Semar.

In Goa that we will be treated to the sights of the rocks are quite beautiful and fascinating. In fact, some say, entered the Cave Petruk like to see nature that has no equal because there are rocks dazzling stalactites and stalagmites and resembles many forms.

Being the last cave, called Goa Petruk, because in fact there is a stone tersebutlah Goa who have such intentions nose Petruk. Unfortunately, because the act of the Netherlands, who was mining phosphate, nose Petruk which is the logo of Goa is broken and is now no longer visible.

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But that’s not actually offered by the cave, where the beauty of the cave is not from the nose Petruk very sharp, but the panorama is quite beautiful. For that there is no harm if the tourists even takes many hours are in Goa Petruk this.

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