jatijajar cave

Jatijajar Cave

This cave was discovered in 1802 by a farmer named Jayamenawi who has a farm on top of the cave. At one point Jayamenawi are taking the grass, then fell in a hole that turned it was a ventilation hole in the ceiling of the cave. This hole has a center line and 4 meters high from the ground that are below 24 meters. After Jayamenawi find the cave, shortly afterward Regent Ambal, one of the rulers of that time Kebumen, reviewing the site. As they came into the cave, he encountered two teak ( read : Jati in Indonesian ) trees grow side by side and parallel to the edge of the mouth of the cave. From the story of the origin of the naming that Jatijajar cave. At first the doors Gua still covered by soil. Then after soil covering dismantled and disposed of, was found cave entrance is now the entrance.

Jatijajar cave is a geological site that is formed by natural processes, which is located in Kebumen, Central Java. Caves are entirely formed of limestone, has a length of 250 meters, from entrance to exit with an average width of 15 meters, and an average height of 12 meters. The location of this cave is located 50 meters above the sea level. Jatijajar cave is one of the main tourism attractions in Kebumen, besides Reservoir Sempor.

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In Cave Jatijajar there are 7 (seven) river or spring, but the data is achieved easily with just four (4) rivers, namely:

  • Puser Bumi River
  • Jombor River
  • Rose River
  • Kantil River

For Puser Bumi river and the water is said to have properties Jombor can be used for all sorts of purposes according to their respective beliefs. Meanwhile, if the water is said to Rose River to bathe or wash your face, can have properties ageless. The Spring magnolia if the water is to wash your face or shower, the intention / ideals will be easily achieved.

At the moment that has built a new Spring Rose and Spring Kantil, while Spring Jombor and Spring Puser Bumi unspoiled and still no lighting and slippery.

In 1975 Jatijajar cave began to be built and developed into attractions. As for who had the idea to develop or build Jatijajar cave, Mr Rustam Suparjo when becoming governor of Central Java. Being at that time the Kebumen Regent is Mr. Supeno Suryodiprojo.

To launch and carry out development Jatijajar cave Suparjo appointed directly by Mr. Rustam cv.AIS of Yogyakarta, as head of cv.AIS is Mr. Saptoto, an artist famous deorama in Indonesia. Before the Government of Kebumen implement pembagunan Jatijajar cave, the first Government of Kebumen has been compensating the affected population in the construction site Attractions Jatijajar cave Covering an area of ​​5.5 hectares.

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After Jatijajar cave built then managed by local government administrators Kebumen. Since Cave Jatijajar built, in the Cave of Jatijajar already coupled with the art buildings include: the installation of electric lights as lighting, traps concrete to provide facilities for the tourists who go into the Cave Jatijajar and the installation of statues or deorama.

Inside the cave there are many Stalagmit Jatijajar and also Pillar or Pole, which is a meeting between the stalactite with Stalagmit. All of these are formed from sediment drops of rain that has reacted with limestone rocks that penetrate. According to research by experts, to the formation of stalactite it takes a very long time. Within one year of the formation of the thickest stalactite only as thick as 1 (one) cm only. Therefore Jatijajar cave that is already old.

Rocks in Jatijajar Cave is very old rocks. Because of old age once was, then in front of the Cave Jatijajar built a statue of the Beast as a symbol of the Ancient Dinosaur Caves Jatijajar attractions, from the mouth of the statue out water from the Spring Kantil and spring Rose, who throughout the years have not been dried. While the water that comes out of the dinosaur sculpture used by people around as irrigation Jatijajar and surrounding villages.

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Diorama in pairs and in Jatijajar cave there are eight (8) deorama, the sculptures there are 32 pieces. Legend tells the whole story of “Raden Kamandaka – Kasarung monkey”. As for the relation with Jatijajar cave is, yore Jatijajar cave once used to be imprisoned by Raden Kamandaka Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran, named originally Many Cokro or Many Chakra.

Keep in mind that the ancient part of the district of Kebumen, is included Pajajaran territory, the central government in Bogor (Batutulis), West Java.

The time limit is Lukulo of Kebumen East Lukulo time entry into the kingdom of Majapahit, while the west Kali Lukulo enter the kingdom of Padjadjaran region. While the story Pasir Luhur occurrence in the district, the area Baturaden or Purwokerto in the 14th century. But overall dioramanya mounted inside the cave Jatijajar.

source : wikipedia.org

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