Sembalun Tourism Park

Located at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level. Wildlife Tourism Pusuk pesonan Sembalun offers a wonderful natural beauty with a cool atmosphere. Tourism Park is also located in the forest area Forest Rinjani. In the language Sasak-Lombok, Pusuk mean peak, this refers to the jungle was at the peak of Mount Rinjani.

Geographically the District Sembalun in the north bordering the District of Sambelia, on the south by Aikmel and Pringgasela, in the west with the District of West Lombok, while in the east with the District Pringgabaya. Capital District Sembalun Sembalun in the village of Lawang, which is about 45 km from the capital of East Lombok (Selong). Sembalun village Bumbung largest in area is 57.97 km2, or approximately 26.70% of the total area of ​​the District Sembalun, and the smallest is Sembalun Timba Gading village with an area of ​​15.76 km2.

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Sembalun sub-district is one of the districts in East Lombok regency which has an area of ​​217.08 km2, is composed of six villages namely Sembalun Bumbung, Sembalun Lawang village, Sajang Village, Village Bilok Petung, Sembalun village, and the village of Timba Sembalun Gading.

The villages are located in District Sembalun has an altitude that varies between 800 to 1,200 meters above sea level. The mileage each village is relatively close to the capital district, the farthest distance from the village is a great pity and Village Bilok Petung reaching 6 km and 15 km. While the closest distance to the district capital is Sembalun Village is 0.025 km (25 m), because the district office in the dasa.

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Pusuk Sembalun present a panorama of outstanding natural, such as green mountains dotted with a clump of trees. In addition, a cluster of steep cliffs that look beautiful that we can see directly from the top of the path or location Pusuk Sembalun Park.The beauty of Pusuk Sembalun like a magnet that attracts the tourists passing unrtuk layover. The tourists often make it as a stopover and rest, before heading to other attractions in Sembalun, which is approximately 15 kilio meters

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Sembalun Tourism Park
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