Samber Gelap Island

The white sand beaches and is very gentle and th crystal clear sea water make this one being the island looks very beautiful. Samber Gelap Island also has underwatr scenery that very admirable. So it is not suprising if the place I a favorite of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Samber Gelap Island is one of the isladns in the province of South Kalimantan precisely in the east of the island of Sebuku, Kotabaru. Not as scay as the name implies, the island has a superb beautiful view. The whie sand beaches and gentle, as well as crystal clear sea water coupled with sky blue, turtle breeding, reef that are still presered, the Island’s ecosystem is still awake is extremely indulgent eye.

Samber Gelap Island also has a turtle conservation, so it can be an additional alternatve for the development of tourism. The sea turtle conservaion and is expected to also be maintained because the tours are “sold” is a poppulation of turtle nesting activity. At night searchers can also see turtles while laying.

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Samber Gelap Island - Kalimantan
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